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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gene SNP DNA Analysis and what does it analyze?

Gene SNP is an “at home” kit that consists of 1) a laboratory analysis of specific gene variants in your genetic material (DNA) that have been found to influence health and 2) an Online Customer Profile survey that provides valuable information about various lifestyle habits that relate to the gene variants being tested. The goal of the Gene SNP DNA Analysis is to provide you with genetic information about yourself that may have positive implications for your nutrition and fitness, to help you take more strategic control of your own wellness and guide your diet and lifestyle choices in your quest for optimal health.

Who should use this product?

Everyone over the age 18 concerned about how their genetic makeup plays a role in diet, nutrition and exercise should use this product.

How can understanding your genes give you a longer, healthier life?

Your health is a result of interactions between your genes and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, smoking and alcohol. It is your genetic makeup that determines which nutrients are utilized, how they are used, the way toxins are removed and how effective these key processes are within the body. The best part is that the results remain accurate throughout your life, since your gene makeup does not change. Since your genes don’t change, you have the ability to regulate the behavior and change the functioning of your genes through diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation. And while you can’t change your genes, you can change your lifestyle. As you progress through your Health Action Plan, following the recommendations specifically suited for you and your body, you can make changes to your online customer profile and receive an updated Health Action Plan with recommendations based on your new, healthier lifestyle.

Can I alter my genes through diet or lifestyle, or by using a vaccine?

No matter what we do, our genes remain the same throughout our lifetime. No amount of food or exercise can physically alter our genes. With proper nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes, you can maintain the functioning of your gene variations to maintain optimal health.

Can you tell me if I carry the genes for a serious illness?

No. The Gene SNP DNA Analysis is not a test for inherited disorders or inherited predisposition to disease. We do not screen for disorders caused by a defect in a single gene, such as Huntington’s disease, cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia. Our screening process is relevant only for the much more common situation: the presence of gene variations that influence a person’s ability to derive maximal benefit from diets and lifestyle practices recommended by current wellness research.

Will you be able to tell me if I am ill?

No, we can only determine what types of genes people have and how they relate to certain metabolic factors involved in well-being. If you think you may be ill, you should consult your doctor.

What is included in the Gene SNP DNA Analysis?

Your Gene SNP DNA Analysis kit includes:

  • Access to a secure Online Customer Profile
  • Bubble envelope
  • Pre-addressed return FedEx stamp for the envelope
  • Two swabs
  • One sample tube
  • Gene SNP booklet
  • Consent forms, instructions and Preferred Customer documentation

What do I do with the Consent and the Genetic Assessment Forms?

Both forms have to be filled out and signed before the laboratory can accept your swabs for processing and DNA analysis. Send the completed forms with your swabs in the padded envelope using the prepaid shipping label to the laboratory.

How does the Gene SNP DNA Analysis testing process work?

In the privacy of your home, you simply use a mouth swab to collect cheek cells, which contain your DNA. The swabs are put into the white swab envelope provided after drying. Send the swabs with the Genetic Assessment Request Form and the Consent Form in the padded envelope with a prepaid shipping label provided in the kit to the processing laboratory. Once at our certified laboratory, DNA is extracted from your swabs and then prepared for analysis. The DNA is analyzed using the latest genotyping technology to give the most accurate results. Your DNA analysis is then matched with the answers you provided into the Online Customer Profile. Once all of this data is compiled, it is entered into a sophisticated, algorithm-based computer software program that generates your confidential, easy-to-follow Gene SNP Health Action Plan.

How long does it take to get my Gene SNP DNA Analysis results?

It typically takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to receive your Gene SNP Health Action Plan.

How accurate are the results of my Gene SNP analysis?

The analysis of your DNA is in compliance with the Quality Assurance and Accuracy Verification Standards of the CLIA certified laboratory. The accuracy of the genetic analysis is greater than 95%.

How can my sample fail the Gene SNP DNA Analysis?

Sometimes the sample provided does not contain enough DNA because you just brushed your teeth, or if you did not let the swabs dry long enough before putting the swabs in the envelope, or if it took too long (longer than 10 days) to reach the laboratory for analysis the DNA was not good enough to analyze. It is important to follow the Swab instructions in your kit.

How is my privacy protected?

Protecting your privacy is at the core of Gene SNP Analysis Service. We recognize your need for strong privacy protection and the careful management of your personal information. Any information you share with Gene SNP is kept strictly confidential and is secured electronically using sophisticated encryption technology. The laboratory personnel and others who are required in the processing of your genetic results have been trained and tested to meet the requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your results are handled as Protected Health Information (PHI), as defined in HIPAA and regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in accordance to that defined in 45 CFR, §160 and Subparts A and E of §164.

Should I worry about privacy issues?

Your Genetic Information will be encrypted and will not be directly associated with your personal information collected from your Customer Profile, but will be stored in an anonymized database maintained in accordance to CLIA and HIPAA standards. Your anonymized information may be used by the laboratory research affiliates to conduct further analyses for commercial purposes. Under no conditions will this information be released to third parties in a way that discloses personal information, except with your written permission, unless required by law. The laboratory is vigilant against breaches of security and continually improves security and privacy safeguards.

Can I use my PCID to allow more than one person to take the Online Customer Profile?

No, the PCID number is used authenticate the person uniquely who is logging on and is used to identify specifically the supplements recommended for a same person.

What is the difference between the Nutri-Physical® and the Gene SNP DNA Analysis?

The Nutri-Physical is an analytical tool that recommends a customized nutritional supplementation program based on your answers to a series of lifestyle and behavioral questions. These questions center around your current health and various lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, medical history, current supplementation and related contributing factors.

The Gene SNP DNA Analysis is a specialized program which analyzes your DNA and lifestyle and customizes a program to your particular body chemistry. It will help you identify the changes needed to promote your health and wellness. According to variations in your DNA and your lifestyle choices, the Gene SNP DNA Analysis will make recommendations based on how your body metabolizes food, utilizes nutrients, removes toxins and responds to physical activity. The Gene SNP DNA Analysis helps you understand how your genetic profile affects your well-being by a simple swab of your cheek.

Where can I find my Gene SNP code?

The Gene SNP code is found within your Gene SNP kit on a wallet sized card. However, if you purchased a kit prior to 2010, there was not a Gene SNP code within your kit. In order to obtain your Gene SNP code, you must purchase the new Gene SNP kit (product code 14390 or 14390NM).

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